For serious off-road drivers, the Wrangler MT/R kevlar offers outstanding 4WD performance in extreme conditions. Featuring an aggressive asymmetric tread design for additional traction and grip along with a layer of DuPont Kevlar in the sidewalls for added toughness, you’ll be riding on one of thetoughest off-road 4WD tyres that money can buy. Key Features: Advanced silica tread compound – Enhanced offroad traction and onroad wet grip. Three Ply Sidewall Construction – Superior strength and sidewall puncture resistance. Kevlar reinforced sidewalls – Helps increase sidewall puncture resistance for confidence in tough terrain. Traction ridges – Aggressive tread pattern helps provide off-road traction in wet, muddy conditions. Rugged sidewall design – Minimise damage from sidewall scuffing. Asymmetric tread design – Offers aggressive offroad traction while maintaining enhanced handling on the road