The V720 was bred for the track and domesticated for civil society. It offers heart-pounding performance on dry pavement, cool confidence on wet, and an unusually long life for a tyre that lives this fast. Features: Ultra High Performance racing compound provides optimum grip performance on cornering. Carcass strength provides durability and improved handling performance under extreme conditions. “Super Hard Apex” a racing bred technology provides excellent dry handling performance and running stability. Inside-Outside (asymmetric)tread design. High-speed control stability and handling performance. Demonstrates optimum high-speed inline running performance achieved through a solid rib-type block design. Wide and stable block design ensures running stability and dry performance. Multi-performance characterisitics provided by our In-Out Design. In-side: Provides excellent breaking performance on wet roads. Out-side: Wide-shoulder block design provide stable handling performance. Improved Wet Performance. Maximized wet performance achieved by applying cross type grooves and wide grooves at the centre.