The ADVAN Sport V103 is a quiet and comfortable tyre which delivers high performance and prestige. It is factory fitted to vehicles like Audi S8, Bentley Continental, Mercedes AMG, Nissan 370Z and Porsche 997. These cars need a tyre to match their refinement and a high performance tyre to deliver performance. The ADVAN Sport does both. You don’t need a Porsche to have Porsche-quality tyre. Key Features: It’s an ADVAN – Yokohama’s Best. 5 Pitch Variation Tread Design – Low tyre and cabin noise. Rayon Carcass Construction – Strong and durable enabling high speed, cornering and stability. Exclusive Rubber Compound – Flexible, durable, superior grip in wide temperature range. 4 Wide Straight Grooves – Removes water from under tyre increasing wet grip.